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Activities and experiences at Bokrivier


You can enjoy one of our many hiking trails on the farm.

  • Waterfall – 60 minutes
  • Lockdown – 60 minutes
  • Farm Upper – 60 minutes
  • Farm Lower – 60 minutes
  • Guided hikes to Pillarkop (1654m) roughly 10 hours (only for the fit and experienced). Price on request.


 Picnic at the Rivier 

Set up your own picnic on a designated spot next to the river.

- First come first serve basis



Horse Riding

A horse ride especially for you and your partner.
We will tailor-make your ride to suit your experience level:
 Beginner we walk and chat gently along the lower levels of the farm
 I have ridden a horse before. Gentle walks with an easy canter or two thrown in
 Experienced. Gentle walks with some good canters and challenging river crossings and
single track.
All rides are led by Ange with Ian occasionally coming along for the ride.
Most rides are 2 hours long and include photos by Ange (you will love them)
Longer more challenging rides for the experienced or adventurous can be arranged on request
Clothing: long pants and closed shoes (no exceptions will be made)
Riding hats will be provided and are compulsory

Pricing: R 600 per person for 2 hours
Prices for longer rides are to be agreed on

By reservation only, unfortunately, no horse ride between 1 April 2022 to 30 October 2022

Ian Hurst - 082 898 5006

Photos included

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Catch and Release

BOKRIVIER’s offers two dams and also boarders on the Riviersonderend River for you to enjoy catch and release fishing.

Mountain Biking

Flora and Fauna

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